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As a means of urban transportation

As a means of urban transportation

Transport facilities using wire ropes are eco-friendly and enable space-saving designs with lower construction costs than other means of transportation.
They are attracting attention as a new means of transportation means that can complement existing railways, monorails and buses.

As a means of urban transportation

Advantages of aerial transport facilities as urban transport

● Eco-friendly transportation

Gondolas are powered by a motor installed at a gondola station. This means that gondolas do not emit greenhouse gases and their environmental load is lower than other means of transportation.

● High transportation capability

The transportation capability of cable propelled transport are greater and more stable than cars or buses, as they are not susceptible to traffic jams or other factors. They are capable of carrying more passengers.

Advantages of aerial transport facilities as urban transport

● Runs in the air

Can be installed over rivers or roads.
Travelling in the vehicle is fun and enjoyable, not merely a means of transportation.

● Can be constructed in
a short period of time

Can be constructed in one to three years.

● Super space saving

Only requires space for stations and towers.

● Low cost

Costs less than railways, subways and light rail transit (LRT).

Applications for Urban Transport

Applications for Urban Transport
  • 1) New traffic network: New means of transportation across rivers and roads
  • 2) Resolving transportation disadvantages in inconvenient locations: Transportation in the regions lacking conventional means of transportation such as railways and buses
  • 3) Alleviating roadway congestion: Alternative transportation to reduce traffic on main roadways in regions where residents deal with the chronic congestion of roadways
  • 4) Complementing existing means of transportation: Connects bus stops to train stations or other means of transportation
  • 5) Stadium access: Transportation between main facilities and parking lots, and also as an on-site form of entertainment
  • 6) Park and ride: Provides access to railway/subway stations from parking lots
  • 7) Transportation within spacious facilities: Able to transport and entertain guests within large commercial facilities

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