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the President

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索道輸送の国内リーディングカンパニーとして、時代の一歩先から、輸送の未来を牽引 索道輸送の国内リーディングカンパニーとして、時代の一歩先から、輸送の未来を牽引

Designing Transportation and Making Dreams Come True

As a manufacturer specialized in the transportation of people and goods, Nippon Cable provides comprehensive services ranging from design, production and construction to the maintenance of transport facilities and car parking facilities in the mountains and cities based on ropeway technologies, while anticipating the future of people, nature and cities and following its mission to contribute to the creation of an environment that supports enriched lifestyles.
Since Nippon Cable’s foundation, we have placed utmost value in “being honest in everything” including our services and our customers. We believe that being honest opens up the way to the company’s future.
With this approach as the foundation of our business activities, our goal is to always be the best partner for our customers and a reliable manufacturer.
Currently, the world is facing the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. To overcome this hardship and improve society, we should make products that connect dreams with hope.
In addition to ensuring safe transportation, we will fully leverage design that allows our users to feel the pleasure and inspiration of movement and aim for even greater heights as a manufacturer making dream come true.

President and CEO

Masayoshi OHKUBO