• Resort Equipment and Facilities Resort Equipment and Facilities

A substantial lineup of machinery for
activities from ski slope grooming to the
operation of amusement facilities

Nippon Cable handles a variety of machinery which is useful in mountain resort management.
Our product lineup of machinery satisfying the needs our customers includes snow grooming vehicles that ensures quality trail conditions; snowmaking systems with high snowmaking capabilities that contribute to planned ski resort management; ski auto gate systems for the sale and checking of ski lift tickets and the aggregation of lift ticket data; and amusement equipment for children that give variety to the activities in the resorts.


  • Snow grooming vehicles

    Snow grooming vehicles

    Snow grooming vehicles are an indispensable part of ski slope maintenance. Nippon Cable handles globally used PistenBully from Kässbohrer (Germany) as a pioneer in snow grooming vehicles. Boasting high performance, low fuel consumption, high durability and economy, PistenBully leads the world snow grooming vehicle market and has the largest market share in the world. We respond to the needs of ski resort businesses, providing reliable service systems and promptly supplying parts based on our substantial track record of product delivery in Japan.

  • Snowmaking systems

    Snowmaking systems

    Snowmaking systems can move forward the start as well as extend the ski season, thereby contributing to systematic and profitable ski area management and operation.
    Partnering with overseas snowmaking system manufacturers Snow Machines, Inc. (U.S.A.) and TechnoAlpin (Italy), Nippon Cable maintains a product line that is ready for the climate conditions unique to Japan (high temperature and high humidity).

  • Ski auto gate systems

    Ski auto gate systems

    Besides sales and checking of ski lift tickets, ski auto gate systems permit the speedy aggregation and analysis of use data and the management of customer data. Nippon Cable handles ski auto gate system products manufactured by SKIDATA (Austria), which has the largest share of the global market. SKIDATA systems have been delivered to over 60 ski areas in Japan and have the largest share of the Japanese market as well.

  • Sunkid


    The Sunkid conveyor-type lift system is for everyone, from children who cannot ride ski lifts alone to beginner skiers and snowboarders. The device can be used for various purposes, for example, a lift system for ski/snowboard school, children’s ski slopes and half-pipe slopes.

  • Sunny Stuff

    Sunny Stuff

    Playground facilities for snow amusement parks enable children to learn skiing skills while playing and experiencing snow. Children can safely use the facilities, which have been designed with safety foremost in mind.

  • Snow V

    Snow V

    The Snow V ski practice machine enables users to experience controlling their skis using techniques such as the snowplow. Ski schools use this machine to enable students to practice before going out on the snow.

  • Snow tubing

    Snow tubing

    Snow tubing amusement equipment is used for sliding down a course briskly on an inner tube. It is a popular activity that children and adults can easily enjoy at ski resorts.

  • Carousel


    This skiing and snowboarding practice machine enables beginners to practice basic movements including carving and weight shifting without anxiety while holding the rotating arm of the machine.

  • Sports Slide

    Sports Slide

    Ride down a track on the mountain using a special toboggan. It is an activity that everyone including families and people of all ages can enjoy safely at sports facilities, amusement parks, theme parks and other locations.