Jig-Back Ropeways

Fusing ropeway technologies to improve carrying capacity and comfort

Jig-back ropeways are the ultimate symbol of ropeway systems.
Nippon Cable has developed and constructed a series of state-of-the-art equipment that has carved the way to a new era, including world's largest ropeway with a 166-passenger capacity on a single floor deck and advanced ropeway that offers the highest riding comfort at a traveling speed up to 12.0m/s. In addition, our material ropeways are also used in the industrial sector to transport materials for dam construction and mining operations, as well as in a diverse array of other fields.

  • 166-passenger jig-back ropeway166-passenger jig-back ropeway
    (Echigo-Yuzawa, Niigata Pref.)
  • 121-passenger jig-back ropeway121-passenger jig-back ropeway
    (Biwako Valley, Shiga Pref.)
  • 111-passenger jig-back ropeway111-passenger jig-back ropeway
    (Nasu, Tochigi Pref.)
  • 61-passenger jig-back ropeway61-passenger jig-back ropeway
    (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Pref.)
  • 32-passenger double loop mono-cable jig-back gondola32-passenger double loop mono-cable jig-back gondola
    (Miyoshi, Tokushima Pref.)
  • Material ropeway with 10-ton capacity (Hozu River, Kyoto Pref.)Material ropeway with 10-ton capacity
    (Hozu River, Kyoto Pref.)