Nippon Cable Strengths

Pushing forward with our advanced system engineering capabilities

A contributing factor to Nippon Cable's continued success as a leader in the industry is the accumulated trust and reliable performance over the years as well as its comprehensive system engineering capabilities.

Nippon Cable promotes quality and cost-effectiveness based on its comprehensive strategy covering all areas from surveys and planning to research and development, design, production, construction and installation and maintenance. All of these functions are organically linked to create new values and possibilities for the future of transportation systems.

Providing optimal plans to customers based on extensive know-how

Flexible and finely tuned proposal capabilities are one of our core strengths.

At Nippon Cable, we are accumulating various know-how, including our technical expertise acquired through extensive construction achievements and our operational ability related to resort and car parking facility businesses, thereby ensuring this valuable knowledge is shared throughout the Group. On this basis, we are promoting horizontal collaboration among development and planning, production, construction and maintenance departments in order to provide optimal plans to customers by repeatedly carrying out reviews from every possible angle.

  • Solar radiation analysis
    Solar radiation analysis
  • Planning meeting
    Planning meeting
Research and Development
Promoting comprehensive research to meet diverse needs

In order to appropriately address the diversifying and advancing needs of the times, Nippon Cable is continuously pursuing the infinite possibilities of transportation technology through its research and development and is actively taking initiatives to develop new technologies and products by conducting multiple analyses of accumulated research data. In addition to material and mechanical engineering and ergonomics, we are utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Structure analysis using FEM
    Structure analysis using FEM
  • Examination of accelerating machinery for terminals
    Examination of accelerating machinery for terminals
Production and Construction
Pursuing total quality throughout all processes

Nippon Cable's manufacturing mission is to produce high-quality products while placing the utmost priority on safety.

Based on this mission, we have established an uncompromising quality management system throughout the company and are pursuing total quality throughout all processes from material procurement to production and construction. Additionally, as a means of ensuring transport safety, we are implementing training for our customers through various initiatives including seminars for enhancing technological capabilities related to aerial ropeways.

  • Installation of gondola towers
    Installation of gondola towers
  • Pre-assembly of gondola terminal
    Pre-assembly of gondola terminal
A reliable maintenance system to ensure optimal operating condition

Securing the safety and long-term operation of facilities and equipment is made possible by having a sufficient maintenance system.

Nippon Cable has built a service network to connect operational bases, including branch offices and service centers, thus promoting a collective, centralized management system as well as carrying out appropriate and speedy maintenance operations to constantly maintain the optimal condition of products.

  • Parts inspection using 3D measuring instruments
    Parts inspection using 3D measuring instruments
  • NDT examination using magnetic particle testing unit
    NDT examination using magnetic particle testing unit