NCE Park

NCE Park elevator systems

NCE Park uses wire ropes to lift and lower the pallets at a high speed, thus significantly reduces waiting time while boasting low noise and vibration, making them perfect for areas where particular attention must be paid to the surrounding environment, such as residential neighborhoods and hotels.
NCE Park

Main product features

High-speed operation, low noise and vibration

Using wire ropes to operate the elevating device with an elevation speed of 140 m/min., the system realizes shortened loading/unloading time, low noise and vibration.

The system comes with a built-in turntable as a standard feature.

Forward loading/unloading ensures easy and smooth use of the system.

Parking cars with a standard, middle or high roof in the same structure

Parking systems can be created to support standard, middle or high roof cars according to customer needs.

Barrier-free, EV charging system (Options)

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