HC Park

HC Park underground horizontal circulation systems

HC Park comprises pallets arranged in two (front and rear) lines, which circulate in a horizontal direction. The biggest advantage of these systems is their ability to make excellent use of planar surfaces underground, thereby effectively utilizing the space under buildings.
HC Park

Main product features

Maximum use efficiency of underground space

Two pallets are arranged back to back and slide horizontally. HC Park can be constructed from the first level, which reduces pit depth.

Cars with a standard or high roof can park in the same structure.

Nippon Cable offers a "mixed type" to meet customer needs such as limiting the first level to cars with a high roof and the second level to cars with a standard roof.

A wide variety of layouts to fit customer needs

Nippon Cable offers several types of layouts to meets customers needs such as a built-in turntable type; in circulation lift type, in which a pallet at one end of the circulation elevates; and a side lift type, in which the lift is installed next to one end of the circulation.

Barrier-free specifications (Option)

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  • HC Park